Beginning at birth, I begin an The curious nature of goldendoodle puppies intentional progress of observing the Goldendoodle Puppies and taking note of their unique personalities. If they exhibit traits, such as shyness or nervousness or on the opposite end of the spectrum over-dominance, for example, I work with them daily to help shape them into the most well-rounded dog possible. One who will be affectionate, friendly, and responsive to training.

At six weeks of age I do a more intense personality evaluation. This test helps to identify a baseline personality assessment that helps to match up owners and puppies and allows new owners to know the most about the newest member Phil and Svenof their family and what training techniques will yield the best results. This “Puppy Aptitude Test” (PAT) was developed by the Monks of New Skete, and has been a proven winner in helping to forge the strongest bond between canine and human. A pdf file ot the aptitude test can be downloaded here. I will be sharing results of the PAT with you as you select your puppy and you will be able to refer back to it as you train your new family member to be an integral and happy member of your family.